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eyevis videowalls installed in surgical systems training facility

Surgical systems manufacturer Erbe Elektromedizin is using videowalls from eyevis in a new annexe in its training facility, the Erbe Academy.

Surgical systems manufacturer Erbe Elektromedizin is using videowalls from eyevis in a new annexe in its training facility, the Erbe Academy.

The four training rooms cover a total area of more than 300sqm and are arranged flexibly: two or three of the rooms can be combined into one large hall, with a capacity of 250 participants. This, as well as the other smaller training room, are each equipped with an LCD videowall.

The smaller 2 x 3 videowall and the 3 x 6 videowall in the large training room consist of HD displays, each with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Erbe opted for the 55in LCD systems EYE-LCD-5500-XSN-LD-FX-700, which have hardly visible videowall bezels of just 3.5 mm and high luminosity at 700cd/sqm. Due to this, the rooms generally do not have to be darkened during presentations. Live transmission from the surgical suite can be shown on the videowalls in the training room, enabling details to be visualised and clarified for the training participants via videoconference.

The large videowall (7m x 2m) is further enhanced by a large touch overlay frame, which enables the presenter to control the videowall manually, directly at the screen.

For the assembly base, Erbe opted for easy-to-service front access mounting. Thanks to the push-to-open mechanism, each display can easily be removed forwards for servicing – without removing the touch overlay frame. For this special assembly, eyevis eliminated the usual protective screen in front of the displays.

The two videowalls are interconnected with a Netpix NPX-4900Plus. This network-based graphics controller for the control of large-screen videowalls generates either one image surface, encompassing all displays of the videowall or dividing the wall into multiple screens, making any desired videowall configuration possible. External sources can be integrated via the 16 inputs of the netPIX. Through a Crestron control panel various window configurations, pre-configured with the eyeCON wall management software, can be easily launched on the connected screens.

Reiner Lutz, eyevis sales manager for information and presentation markets, was enthusiastic about the project right away: “We had to meet four requirements at once with this installation: The LCD wall with its final screen diagonal of 6.80m is very large and thus needs displays with a very high resolution as well as high-performance control. And then, there is the question of interactivity via the touch overlay and the required high level of luminosity – after all, the hall architecture was planned to include modern, giant window façades and the incidence of daylight.” He added: “The large videowall of Erbe Academy was a technological challenge, and this is exactly where eyevis products excel!”

Erbe and eyevis both have their origins in the wider area of Reutlingen/Tübingen in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany; Macom, an independent AV consulting and AV engineering company responsible for the planning, and ICT system integrator Heldele, which implemented the annex construction of Erbe Academy, also have their roots in this region. “During the integration phase, we really appreciated the regional proximity,” explained Armin Flaisch, building manager at Erbe Elektromedizin. “The decision for eyevis, however, was driven by their high expertise and product quality. The brilliant image quality, the constructions’ suitability for daily use as well as the additional custom-made options of eyevis technology won us over.”

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