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Exterity announces AvediaPlayer IPTV receivers

Building IPTV specialist Exterity has initiated the new line of IPTV receivers with the AvediaPlayer r9200 and AvediaPlayer r9220.

Building IPTV specialist Exterity has initiated the new line of IPTV receivers with the AvediaPlayer r9200 and AvediaPlayer r9220. The new devices are said to offer increased versatility, convenience and control when connecting TV and AV displays to an organisation’s LAN for access to TV, video and radio streams.

Both devices feature smaller footprints than previous Exterity HD receivers, with the AvediaPlayer r9200 measuring 140mm (wide) by 35mm (tall), making it highly suitable for concealed, behind-screen mounting. The AvediaPlayer r9220 also features TriplePlay functionality, with a built-in hub providing three additional Ethernet ports that can be used to provide internet access to PCs and VoIP telephone services from a single Ethernet network connection. Both IPTV receivers have an external USB port that can be used to connect a keyboard and mouse for easier user interaction.

The receivers are compatible with the new Exterity iPhone app that gives users control of channel, volume, language and more using their Apple iPhone or iPad over their organisation’s WiFi network. Administrators can enjoy fine-grained control over channel display and user access using Exterity’s centralised management applications, as well as standard network access controls and directory services. Both units include support for a Kensington lock and are compatible with three other optional mounting brackets: an under-desk mount and two behind-screen VESA mounts with a cage that offer additional protection to the units and associated cables for installation in secure accommodations such as hospitals and prisons.

Expected to be of particular interest to the hospitality market, the new receivers also provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability and configuration-free set-up.

“For Building IPTV to continue its growth it is critical that organisations are able to deploy this technology in ways that more closely suit the needs of their business,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity. “With the introduction of the AvediaPlayer r9200 and r9220, Exterity is ensuring that companies can give users access to TV, video and radio streams over their LANs under complete administrative control, while deploying receivers in confined spaces or secure environments. The addition of the iPhone control app will also provide users with greater convenience, ensuring they are able to reap even greater benefits from IPTV.”

Taking stock of the current market conditions, Farquhar told IE: “This year has seen a real trend towards Building IPTV over more limited analogue distribution methods. As we look ahead to next year, Exterity is well-positioned to reinforce its position as market leaders and innovators of Building IPTV, working closely with our partners to provide the very best solutions to corporations, venues, hotels, universities and so many more. As Building IPTV continues to become the established and preferred technology for distribution of TV and video around organisations, we expect demand to continue growing. As such, we will enable a host of new organisations with Building IPTV, showcasing the wide-ranging benefits the technology can deliver, including improved organisation communication, enhanced quality of service, unlimited number of users, lower costs and new revenue stream possibilities.”

Exterity’s new AvediaPlayer Receivers will begin shipping in October.