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Explore virtual environments in the Immersive Technology Zone

Curated by experiential designer Holovis, the inaugural Immersive Technology Zone is sure to get visitors’ pulses racing with its array of virtual environments to explore, from virtual reality to augmented reality and mixed reality, providing an understanding of how they differ and the business challenges they can help overcome.

Visitors can use augmented reality to save ISE from a zombie apocalypse. An EVISION 8500 Digital Projection projector displays a variety of content, that when experienced through one of the mobile devices, unveils a hidden AR experiential layer. Passersby are invited to grab a device and join in the gameplay.

The Virtual Ball Pit demonstrates spatial awareness linked with task-based learning in a virtual environment. The user wears a headset and is then immersed in a virtual world where they have to clear all the balls from the pit.

The Driver Sim showcases the enhanced impact of VR when combined with perfectly synched motion and audio. Users wear a head-mounted device and sit in a motion platform driver rig, with every bump, skid and acceleration is replicated by the motion platform. Pictured (L-R) are Holovis’ Dan Gordon, Gren spencer and (seated) Luan Le Ngoc.

The final highlight is the company’s Near Miss Simulator. This uses how virtual reality is having a much greater impact than just saving time and costs; it can help save lives. Try it out – if you dare.

The Immersive Technology Zone powered by Holovis is located at the back of the Park Foyer outside Hall 8.

Stand: 8-S370