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Europe’s largest LED screen installed for Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony

Organisers of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony promised to capture the ‘true grit’ of the people of Glasgow in last night’s ceremony which featured Europe’s largest LED screen.

(Coincidentally, two of the largest LED displays in the world are set to be revealed in Jacksonville, Florida, US, on Saturday 26 July.)

More than a billion people around the world tuned into the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on 23 July. Thousands of volunteers shared the limelight with world-famous names including Rod Stewart, Susan Boyle and Nicola Benedetti to help the city tell its own story and welcome the Commonwealth to the biggest sporting celebration Scotland has ever hosted.

“It will feel like it is made in Glasgow. It will be distinctive, irreverent, funny, principled, sincere, personal and direct,” said head of ceremonies and artistic director, David Zolkwer.

Glasgow 2014 organisers had previously revealed that the ceremony would go beyond the walls of the stadium, and across not only the Host City but also visit locations around the Commonwealth, bringing the world to Glasgow and Glasgow to the world.

The famous Celtic Park football ground had been dramatically transformed ahead of the Opening Ceremony; Europe’s largest LED screen was installed to create a ‘window to the world’ for Glasgow and Scotland to connect with locations across the city, Scotland and the Commonwealth. The giant screen, which was built across the whole of the South Stand at Celtic Park measured almost 100m (328ft) wide and 11m (36ft) high and will weigh in at 38 tonnes.

A specially-designed stage floor had also been created which covered the entire pitch and included a colourful walkway specifically designed for the athlete’s parade.

“The Opening Ceremony is not about a stadium show which people will sit and watch,” said Dr Bridget McConnell, Glasgow 2014 Board Member. “This is a show which has engaged everyone from people in the community to our high level talent. They will perform in a way which is unexpected and not just deliver a concert. From Nicola Benedetti who has worked with community groups and will also be performing as part of Festival 2014 to the amazing Big Big Sing project which has involved 100,000 people who have been singing all over Scotland.”