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English National Opera chooses Yamaha’s TF1 compact mixing console

The English National Opera has invested in a Yamaha TF1 compact mixing console for events at the London Coliseum and other locations. The TF range is designed to ensure high quality mixes can be quickly produced by any engineer.

English National Opera (ENO) head of sound Jacey Linton explained: “We do many events, from full opera productions to dance shows, talks, parties and so on. These take place in our main house at the London Coliseum, but also in other locations. We have bigger consoles in the main house, like Yamaha CLs, but I needed a compact, portable desk which could deliver high quality mixes for these other events.”

Linton as well as ENO’s audio supplier LMC Audio Systems looked at a number of options: “Once I heard Yamaha were bringing out a compact digital desk with 16 outputs priced at below £2000, it was a no brainer,” he said.

“Yamaha is a manufacturer I know, trust and the TF1 is a solution that I knew could be used in many situations, thanks to its size and on-board processing. But, once I got further into the specifications, I realised that it would be a good small desk to use on rehearsals outside of the main building. Having the 16 outputs to feed a small PA and quick access to all the tools on the inputs, as well as knowing that being by Yamaha it would sound good and be reliable, made the choice very easy.

“It feels like Yamaha has designed the TF series to be easy for a ‘new age’ of user, the ones who are coming from the world of virtual mixing, iPads and so on. I think it’s a really good thing, as it has meant I can leave up and coming techs with the desk and know they will just get on with it.”

The console has already been in use on a number of events, including the Ardani 25 Dance Gala, which took place on 17-18 July and saw the TF1 used in the main house to mix the music, live and playback. It was also used for a showcase by the D&B Academy of Performing Arts at the Shaw Theatre in St Pancras.

Sam Simon-Norris, technical sales supervisor at LMC Audio, commented: “The release of the TF series has allowed users from all backgrounds to invest in a brand which is renowned for reliability, but which, despite it’s modest price tag, does not hold back on the features!

“For ENO, the TF fits perfectly – compact footprint, simple yet stylish design and workflow and above all the absolute security that, no matter what the gig, the desk will stand up and perform every time.”

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