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Electrosonic’s 270º wraparound screen for Discovery Park of America

Electrosonic has endowed the new Discovery Park of America, which recently opened in Union City Tennessee, US, with audio-visual equipment for ten exhibits, including a 270º wraparound screen driven by Christie projection.

The world-class entertainment and educational experience guides visitors through exhibits on nature, science, technology, history and art spanning more the 70,000sqft. The primary benefactor of Discovery Park of America is the Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation, which has donated approximately $80 million to the creation of the park.

Electrosonic’s project centred on the park’s Discovery Centre, which, over a space incorporating three levels, features a diverse array of exhibition galleries, including Children’s Exploration with fun Water Works experiments; Natural History with a number of dinosaur specimens; Regional History with a 20,000-gallon aquarium; and Transportation featuring 60 years of the American automobile.

Fabricators Maltbie, a kubik company, brought Electrosonic aboard at the new attraction.

The simulation theater in the Regional History gallery gives visitors a taste of what it was like to experience an earthquake along the New Madrid fault, which formed nearby Reelfoot Lake in the northwest area of Tennessee some 200 years ago. Electrosonic installed 270º wraparound screens and five ceiling-mounted Christie DS+6K-M projectors to deliver the visuals sourced from a 7thSense server. Special effects audio and tremors simulate the earthquake for the standing audience.

Electrosonic furnished the Native Americans gallery with four 46-inch LCD monitors for the exhibit, which helps bring a holographic storyteller to life as he recounts the legends and beliefs of the area’s indigenous people with a Pepper’s Ghost effect.

Electrosonic also provided many Samsung 32in and 55in LCD displays for the galleries along with Innovox Audio speakers for individual exhibits. The entire facility is controlled by a Medialon system programmed by Electrosonic.

Electrosonic located the equipment room on the middle level of Discovery Center, which made cable pulls more efficient. The equipment room is at capacity, but two additional equipment rooms are available above and below the main equipment room. Conduits connect the rooms for easy expansion as needed.