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Elation LEDs and pixel tape feature in Atlanta nightclub upgrade

The Gold Room nightclub in Atlanta has undergone a major lighting upgrade, with Atlanta Sound & Lighting installing an all-LED system from Elation Professional and ADJ lighting.

Scott Waterbury at Atlanta Sound & Lighting replaced the previous high maintenance system with 28 Elation Rayzor Q7 and 24 Platinum Spot LED II moving heads with pixel-mapped effects displayed across over 1,000ft of Elation Flex Pixel Tape.

The client specified a 4D look, and to create this Waterbury combined the lighting effects with the décor. The colour-changing patterns spread across the room in one integrated effect and the abundance of glass and mirrors doubles the lighting effect.

Elation Flex Pixel Tape contains RGB LEDs at 40mm centres and can be cut to any length. Here, grids of the pixel tape were used on the walls of the club to create a variety of patterns. The solution is easy to incorporate into the environment and is cost effective for simple colour-washing, effects and pixel mapping. The Flex Pixel Tape works together with 60in LCD screens and the ADJ Pixel Tubes to create integrated pixel effects and video imaging.