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Double time for NEC Solutions Showcase

NEC has announced it will add an additional day to its annual NEC Solutions Showcase as the company looking to build a greater networking aspect into the show.

NEC Display Solutions will run its 6th NEC Solutions Showcase for an extra day this year, doubling its length to two days (14-15 May) as the company looks to enhance the show’s networking element. The event will also play its part in upholding the London 2012 Olympics legacy with the venue announced as The Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

“With an ever increasing number of attendees we felt it right to augment the Showcase to two days duration, primarily to improve engagement levels for our visitors and partners but also to accommodate the many other events that will be taking place in conjunction with our event this year as part of London Digital Signage Week,” commented Simon Jackson, VP NEC Display Solutions.

The now two-day event will bring together 50 hardware manufactures and software providers, with NEC promising visitors hands-on with fully integrated display solutions representing the future of the industry.

The showcase will cover end-to-end solutions in real-life scenarios for a variety of vertical sectors including retail, digital-out-of-home, education, leisure, media and corporate communications.

Visitors will be able to experience bigger and higher resolution displays, multi-touch displays, multi-screen and interactive projection, 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) displays as well as laser and laser-hybrid projectors and much, much more. In the retail zone, for example, sensor-based interactive signage with touch and gesture operation and biometric measurement techniques for accurate audience analysis and high impact intelligent content.

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