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Ultimate Visual Solutions sees 60% rise in remote online demos

The increase has been recorded over the last six months and has boosted overseas orders

Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has seen a 60 per cent rise in the number of remote online demonstrations it is running, as post-pandemic ways of working continue to pay dividends.

The increase has been recorded over the last six months and has boosted overseas orders, with recent online demos completed for potential clients in the US, Canada, Eire, UAE, Poland, Morocco, Romania and Vietnam.

The online service, first launched at the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020, showcases the capabilities of products such as video walls and the UVS Lucidity video wall controller and control software, live and in a reactionary setting.

Clients can ask questions and be shown the answers in real time, with up to three online demonstrations a day currently being run from UVS’ dedicated demo room.

“We have discovered that our online demonstrations are a very powerful and effective way of doing things,” said UVS managing director Steve Murphy. “They allow our system integration partners and their end clients to see exactly how we will be meeting their requirements and also open up new ideas for them on the additional benefits the technology can bring them.

“The client feedback has been truly inspiring and has allowed us to continue tweaking and adding new features. They show the true functionality of the technology and provide a very good understanding of the individual components that make up the system and how it all comes together. When they say ‘can you do this?’ we can show them right there and then while they are on the live meeting.

“Of course, we still offer face-to-face demos, which can  be very useful, but the pandemic created an environment where people are a lot more comfortable jumping on a Teams call.”

The online demos are part of a suite of services, based from UVS’ HQ in the Burnley First – Burnley Business Centre, which are designed to provide peace of mind and support for key operational video wall technology.