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LiquidView virtual window debuts at InfoComm 2022

LiquidView’s WindowLV – distributed by Leon Speakers – brings the outdoors in to provide the perfect backdrop for any room

LiquidView, which “creates the most beautiful views imaginable from anywhere”, will make its worldwide debut at InfoComm 2022 with the release of  WindowLV, a virtual window that transforms any room.  

WindowLV allows architects, interior designers, and commercial customers to “add windows to rooms where none existed before or replace a poor view with a spectacular one”. Views can be changed at any time from an original content library of beautiful views shot by National Geographic level cinematographers from locations all over the world.

All views are shot for 24 hours and synchronise to the time of day where the WindowLV is installed. If a WindowLV is installed in New York, with views of Paris, when it is sunset in New York, the WindowLV will show the sunset in Paris. Additionally, all views seamlessly change every day to match the changing length of each day, are shot with feature film quality cameras, and are controllable via an easy-to-use iPhone App.

“Like so many people, I have lived in homes and worked in offices with no views, or terrible ones,” said LiquidView CEO, and filmmaker, Mitch Braff. “Improving people’s lives through giving anyone a beautiful view was the catalyst for starting LiquidView. Our windows literally transform rooms.”

Each WindowLV comes with a trim-ready installation kit, 4K commercial display, and access to the LiquidView’s Content Library, available through subscription. The installation kit was designed by Leon Speakers, which has over a decade of experience designing innovative display frames through Media Décor. 

“I believe with the WindowLV, LiquidView offers a disruptive solution that can completely transform how you experience a space”, said Noah Kaplan, founder and president of Leon Speakers. “This product has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges that architects and designers face. Imagine being able to provide a view to anywhere in the world, in any space. It’s mind-blowing really.”

 Kaplan and Leon Speakers were part of the design process with the LiquidView team that included architects, interior designers, and the IDEO design team. “We have been working with Leon on projects with Media Decor frames for years, and it was natural for us to partner with them on this project. We are excited to work together to bring our windows to the world,” added Braff.

The LiquidView WindowLV is available for pre-order now and will ship in Q4 2022 with the breathtaking Panorama – a three-panel window – and the single- 

Attendees of InfoComm can come by LiquidView’s distribution partner to the AV Industry, Leon Speakers, at booth number W637 at InfoComm in Las Vegas between June 8 – June 10.