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INFiLED delivers immersive experience at Balenciaga 2020 Winter Fashion Show

InFiLED LED screens helped deliver a ‘unique, immersive’ experience at the Balenciaga Winter 2020 Fashion Show in Paris.

The event, which integrated art, fashion design and digital technology, made use of 1000sqm INFiLED AM9 LED screens to form what it called an “impressive canvas”.

“The water waves overflowing the stage beneath an apocalyptic LED sky worked as the soul shaper for the stage space,” Balenciaga stated. “Looking up, the audience was amazed by the vast LED screen suspended from the ceiling.

“A large group of dark clouds rolling on the digital sky, were changed to a fiery orange scene, burning fire, thunder and lightning. The image of a fragile blue ball finally appeared, and a black shadow slowly covered it all creating a strong audiovisual impact.

“All components – the LED screens and visual content, the cold-looking models that walked through the water alongside a soundtrack by BFRND – perfectly matched the theme to create awareness of climate change. Audiences could enjoy the ultimate immersive and hyper-realistic experience while interacting with fashion.”

It’s the second time that INFiLED LED displays have been used for Balenciaga’s fashion shows. The AM LED series is the newest thin and lightweight solution for quick hanging, easy transportation and disassembly at the size of 1200*1200 mm, weighing just 8kg.

According to the company, the LED panel can display ultra-clear, sharp images with high brightness, high refresh rate, and offers excellent performance at almost 80% of transparency.