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Ideum’s interactive table upgraded with multitouch sensor

Zytronic ZyBrid all-glass printed solution replaces infrared touch frame on Pano Duo

Zytronic has announced that its patented multitouch projected capacitive technology (MPCT) has been selected by interactive design outfit Ideum, for its next-generation Pano Duo 49in interactive touch table. Zytronic’s all-glass printed ZyBrid multitouch sensor replaces the previous Pano Duo iteration’s infrared touch frame.

At over 2m long, the table connects two 49in commercial-grade LG UHD displays mounted end-to-end, overlaid with a single, stretched Zytronic ZyBrid sensor fitted with its proprietary ZXY500 multitouch controller, and linked to a high-performance PC housed in the table’s base. Overall, the active touch area of the table is almost 90in (2.25m diagonal) – large enough to comfortably support up to eight people interacting with it simultaneously.

The ZXY500 controller can register up to 100 independent touchpoints with millisecond quick-touch response. The projected capacitive sensor and controller also support Ideum’s proprietary Tangible Engine object recognition software. Using this technology, the Pano Dual 49in table enables visitors to place a specially designed physical object on the touch table’s surface. Once placed, the user can then move the object and open interactive menus showing additional information about the product or exhibit.

One of the first deployments of the Pano Dual is at the Röntgen Museum in Remscheid, Germany, where visitors can view and interact with both terrestrial and celestial objects and learn about the different wavelengths of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Ideum’s EM spectrum software application features in museums, planetariums, and other informal educational institutions around the world.