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Health and safety: new air quality sensor launched for schools and workplaces

The new sensor from PPDS measures room temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, to help provide safer and cleaner environments for users

PPDS has launched a new Air Quality Sensor which it says is a “highly advanced and innovative air quality monitoring solution, designed exclusively to help schools and businesses (including corporate, retail and hospitality) create healthier and more productive working and learning environments, using Philips professional TVs, interactive displays and digital signage solutions.” 

The sensor adds to the functionality of PPDS digital displays, and is connected and powered by a single USB-A cable and compatible with PPDS’ latest Philips Professional TVs, digital signage and interactive displays. The solution features four sensors which permanently monitor measure room temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter.

With the spread of airborne viruses and other potentially harmful pollutants, monitoring indoor air quality is crucial to the health and safety of classrooms and work environments,” said Chris Colpaert, general manager at PPDS.

“PPDS Air Quality Sensor is a simple and incredibly effective solution that pairs perfectly with our advanced digital signage and professional TV solutions to bring safer and cleaner environments to people, whether they’re inside a classroom, corporate office, hotel room, a retail store, or any active indoor environment. Monitoring and managing air quality has never been more important, and we’ve made this a simple, seamless and affordable process.”