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Europe’s largest LED check-in screen installed in Scotland

Absen's A27 LED panels were used to create Europe's largest airport check-in wall running the length of the hall and covering 118 sqm of digital real estate

Absen has released a case study detailing how its displays have become part of Europe’s largest LED airport check-in screen.

The installation at Edinburgh Airport has replaced traditional check-in desks with a new 85m LED wall running the full length of the hall which presents flight and wayfinding information, as well as marketing collateral to travellers using the new self-service systems.

The teams involved in the project include integrator nuVIDEO together with Midwich and PSCo. “One of the critical considerations in the design of the new check-in facility was to ensure that flight information, wayfinding and emergency information systems would enable passengers to quickly and safely navigate their route through the check-in hall,” said Michael Macneil, sales manager at nuVIDEO. “This was particularly important given the introduction of multiple new self-service check in systems.”

The initial brief from Edinburgh Airports Limited (EAL) detailed how 59 x 65 inch landscape displays would be fitted to the full length of the baggage carousel to be visible to all passengers in the hall. “The initial brief was centred around LCD technology and direct PC input to each monitor. This would have been functional, but it was clear LED would be a more suitable platform,” said Graham Pow, head of sales, PSCo.

The case study goes on to explain that the merits of LED were demonstrated to the project’s stakeholders with a mock-up at Innovation House – Midwich Group’s southern showroom and warehousing facility in Bracknell, back in August 2019.

“It was all about identifying the right technical tool and vendor technology for the project and using the in-house technical expertise at Innovation House to produce a digital signage and image processing solution to sit behind the LED wall,” said Manesh Mistry, high-end display and videowall processing sales specialist, Midwich.

“We then demonstrated the potential return on investment leveraging the flexibility of LED could achieve, using the space not only for way finding and flight information, but also for marketing – an avenue they had not considered,” Macneil added.

Integrator nuVIDEO worked closely with the airport’s commercial team to examine how the LED asset could be used as both an information focussed and promotional display while still offering longevity and low maintenance.

When it came to choosing which LED solution could fulfil all of these requirements, as well as occupy the space above the baggage carousel with the limited ceiling height, the team chose A27 2.5mm LED panels from Absen’s Acclaim series.

“Edinburgh Airport is a standout project that clearly demonstrates the benefits of LED,” said Alex Couzins, head of brand and marketing, Absen Europe. “With 118 sqm of digital real estate, the Absen LED wall delivers a flexible and highly impactful visual solution in an environment that sees consistently high footfall with extended dwell times.”

Adam Wilson, operations director, EAL, concluded: “The installation creates a striking visual for all passengers entering the check-in hall. In practical terms, we can clearly display where certain flights and airlines are checking in and show key passenger communications such as security information. The flexibility of the wall means we can also use it for video to showcase destinations we fly to, Scotland or our retail offering.”