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Cartology advances retail media network with Broadsign 

Australian retail media pioneer Cartology taps out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform to advance content management and delivery for digital displays across Woolworths retail locations 

Cartology, one of Australia’s leading retail media businesses, powered by Woolworths Group, and out-of-home (OOH) ad tech leader Broadsign has announced a new partnership designed to enhance Cartology’s retail media network (RMN). The collaboration makes it easy for Cartology to schedule, manage, and deliver compelling content and advertisements across retail media displays located in over 1,400 Woolworths food and everyday needs stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Retail media is expected to exceed $50 billion by 2023 and account for nearly 20 percent of digital ad spend, with the in-store experience a key factor. Reaching shoppers with compelling content at the point of purchase can make for a more positive in-store experience, which has been shown to increase the chances of higher consumer spending in-store, and return visits.

With Broadsign at the heart of its in-store display network, Cartology can now create more engaging in-store shopping experiences and attract brands looking to reach audiences on both the path to and at the point of purchase with omnichannel messaging. Cartology has already begun on-boarding screens to the Broadsign Platform, including front of store digital totems, behind-the-counter displays, and other screen types.

“Cartology holds a deep understanding of customer attitudes and behaviours and that’s invaluable to brands,” said Stacey Lawson, head of campaign operations and delivery, Cartology. “As our business and the sector continues to evolve, partnering with Broadsign to leverage their content scheduling and management tools across our network provides media buyers with greater flexibility and enhances our internal operations here at Cartology. This ensures we can focus on creating the best in-store experience for Woolworths shoppers and drive sales overnight and customers over time for our valued clients.”

Maarten Dollevoet, chief revenue officer, Broadsign, added: “RMNs are gaining traction with brands, and Cartology is leading the way in Australia. It’s established a powerful group of targeted omnichannel advertising solutions, and we’re thrilled to partner with them. Together, our partnership will help showcase the power of in-store advertising, strengthen the in-store experience for customers, and unlock opportunities for advertisers as part of the growth of retail media.”