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Carousel Digital Signage transforms Maine school workflow

Carousel Cloud builds stronger sense of community amongst students, staff and parents

Carousel Digital Signage has deployed its Carousel Cloud network at Mount Desert Island High School in Bar Harbor, Maine, delivering digital signage content to 63 displays, covering all classrooms and several common areas.

Carousel Digital Signage partner Jamf recommended the use of Carousel Cloud as a lightweight, IT-friendly platform to deliver digital signage content to Apple TV devices, as the school happened to have televisions and Apple TV devices within their classrooms for educational purposes. Jamf specialises in converting Apple TV devices to digital signage players, and Carousel Digital Signage offers a native iOS app for playing out digital signage content.

The installation marks a first for Mount Desert High School, which relied exclusively on email and public address audio to keep staff and students informed. This became increasingly challenging due to Covid, as the number of announcements quickly increased; classes were often interrupted for updates on social distancing and release schedules.The shift to digital signage now provides everyone inside the school with immediate access to ever-changing, while also fostering a stronger sense of community and school spirit.

“There is an increased feeling of celebration in our school since transitioning to digital signage,” said Mark Arnold, educational technology director, Mount Desert Island High School. “Our PA system was older and complicated to use, and we wanted to relieve teachers and students from intrusive audio announcements that disrupted the learning environment. We reached a point where announcements were often happening in four-minute intervals, and digital signage was our best path forward.

“Carousel Cloud allows staff inside the main office, principal’s office and guidance office to create and contribute high-quality content instead of running it through me to manage. These are the people that really offer the most important information to our entire school population, and Carousel Cloud makes it very efficient for users of any skill level.”