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Boutique hotel chain installs 1,000 Philips MediaSuite TVs

Installation part of a major room upgrade rollout for Abba Hotels

PPDS has announced that its range of Philips MediaSuite Pro TVs for hospitality been chosen by the boutique Abba hotel chain for the modernisation of its TV and entertainment system. The installation of more than 1,000 guest rooms across Europe is part of a major room upgrade rollout for the hotel chain.

The group, which has 22 boutique hotel sites across 14 different locations, including Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin, has been operating for more than 18 years and is a popular choice for both tourists and the global business community.

The hotel chain partnered with Madrid-based company IpmasD – specialist in the supply of equipment, solutions and services for the hotel and hospital sector to fit the latest Philips Pro TVs, ranging from 32in to 55in Studio and MediaSuite models, inside 1,070 rooms.

“We were delighted to be able to play such a key part in helping Abba Hotels bring even more great value to their customers, equipping them with all their needs, be it for work or pleasure,” said Cesar Sans, sales director Iberia at PPDS. “Our Philips MediaSuite pro TVs bring a premium feel to any room – ensuring guests always receive a five-star entertainment experience.”

Damian Melero, CIO, Abba Hotels, added: “We trusted PPDS with the migration of our Digital Television System, and they responded accordingly to our requirements.”