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Absen to host roundtables on immersive LED

Sessions will cover immersive LED in virtual studios, retail spaces, and corporate spaces

Absen is set to hold three online round table panels on immersive LED experiences over the coming weeks. The sessions will cover immersive LED in virtual studios, retail spaces, and corporate spaces, with each round table session hosting a variety of expert brands in each sector and Jessica Golding, Absen’s European brand manager hosting each session.

The first roundtable, set for May 19th, will discuss the impact and rise of virtual studios on the AV industry over the last year. With a panel of the industry’s virtual studio experts, including Christian Czimny, Absen’s industry product director, Catalyst Event Production Services and Creative Works, the panel will discuss what virtual means in the industry, where virtual studios can be used, and what the benefits are of using LED over traditional ‘green screens’. The event will provide a multitude of perspectives, from end user to integrator, on the reality of virtual studios and the way they are perceived and used in a post-pandemic landscape.

The second roundtable, scheduled for May 26th, will discuss the nature of virtual environments and why retailers should consider LED experiences in store. The panel – including Trison and Gensler, as well as Absen’s retail industry director, Ben Phelps – will discuss LED not only from a global retail market viewpoint, and also leading regions in LED adoption, such as China. The experts will give advice to retailers on how to create immersive spaces, and how to effectively use LED to their advantage to create experiences that customers will not forget.

The final session, on June 9th, will tackle how corporate spaces will be different after the pandemic. The expert panel, including Absen’s corporate industry director, Phillippe Poppe, as well as brands such as Green Hippo and Kromes, will share their insights on emerging trends and analyse the market’s adaptation to these trends. The panel will give advice on engaging individuals within the office environment and take a look into how LED can assist with the increasingly popular hybrid working method being adopted in corporate industries across the globe.

You can register for the first event here.

Absen Europe’s LinkedIn will post the next sessions in the coming weeks.