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Cisco and 22 Miles announce collaborative tech partnership

Integration set to provide technology solutions for global market

Cisco and digital signage and interactive wayfinding specialists 22Miles have announced a collaborative partnership. The synergy of the two company’s offerings will provide seamless integration of 22Miles version 6 of its PublisherPro.AIoT software platform, with Cisco’s suite of collaborative communications tools. Growing a technology eco-system of collaborative solutions across industries, the partnership arrives just in time to support enterprises, students, and key industries as they find new ways to stay connected in the new year.

The companies recently announced the introduction of the 22Miles bot, a virtual publishing manager that empowers WebEx teams with dynamic integration, enabling moderators and publishers to drive targeted, multi-channel content into digital display distribution.

22Miles executive vice president Tomer Mann views the integration as an excellent fit into the technology initiatives the company released in 2020. “We’ve had a lot of exciting collaborative relationships expand this year with companies like Crestron, Intel and Flir to name a few. In working with Cisco, the technologies truly complement each other in terms of establishing a diverse corporate communication publishing platform for digital signage that spans meeting room devices, mobile and desktop, and so much more.

“This integration allows end users to create, manage, and publish corporate communication messaging to Cisco WebEx team spaces and other collaborators in real time. The room booking portion gives visibility for instant knowledge of occupied and unoccupied room status by associated colour icons and displays of room availability for quick booking. Users have total control to filter by destination and room types, search any floor and directory, view occupant status and density, available seats, any details you would need. You can even interact with a WebEx meeting through sensors (IoT), and it brings the full spectrum of services from POI destination to Location-Based tech.”

The 22Miles system enables the spectrum of Cisco collaboration tools to integrate and manage corporate communications when not invoked in collaborative sessions. With 22Miles custom signage mode enabled, WebEx integration delivers a full digital signage experience, supporting both passive and interactive digital signage capabilities. Users may watch live or recorded video, view presentations, web content, and book meeting rooms.

The Cisco WebEx Board and Room Series devices integration facilitates the display of information on digital signage displays both in active and in idle mode. With setup of an easy-use integrated browser, users can view important on-screen information, watch live or recorded video, view presentations, web content, or book a meeting room directly from their device. Additionally, the Cisco Room-Kit boasts several new advancements including density controls in huddle rooms and other dynamic features that complement the PaaS suite and focus of 22Miles.

22Miles is an industry leader in providing immersive digital signage and wayfinding experiences to a variety of sectors including healthcare, transportation, hotel and hospitality, education, and more. The company offers solutions that are easy to implement and use to organisations world-wide, and in 2020 expanded their catalog to include the Protection-as-a-Service suite (PaaS), which was recently awarded Best Digital Signage Product: Covid-19 Solution in the Installation sister publication Digital Signage Magazine DIGI Awards.

Cisco is the global leader in collaboration, utilised in 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Boasting the number one market share in collaboration, Cisco’s WebEx platform is used by over 130 million active participants.