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Digital signage: Interactivity driving growth

Patrick Schröder, division manager, digital signage at dimedis GmbH – the company behind the world's largest freestanding videowall totem – offers his insight on the future of the digital signage market.

We ask Patrick Schröder, division manager, digital signage at dimedis GmbH, for his thoughts on the future of the digital signage market and what advice he would give integrators entering the sector.

What do you think is the most exciting technology in digital signage at the moment?

Well we think that interactive digital signage (touch, QR-Code, RFID, iBeacon) is the hot topic in our industry, which means more interaction with the customer.

We also believe that interactive digital display windows and wayfinding systems will drive digital signage in the future.

To capitalise on this, the newest version of our kompas digital signage system allows even more interaction: using the smartphone as a remote. In front of a display window viewers can use the QR-Codes on the screen to directly control content on the display. For example, a car dealer can use the screen to display offers for various car offers from which the viewer can pick. The QR-Code opens a mobile website with a simple menu which the viewers can use to pick the topics that interest them. The digital signage display then concentrates on showing the relevant content.

Classical digital signage aside, dimedis also offers the kompas wayfinding system. This includes LogoCloud, which dimedis specifically designed for kompas wayfinding. LogoCloud displays the logos of all available shops in the mall as a big, slowly rotating Cloud. Visitors can touch the desired logo causing the rest of the cloud to disappear and the shortest path to the shop to be displayed as animated line. Every kompas wayfinding terminal calculates the path dynamically based on its own position and orientation; that way the separate terminals can be placed at any position in the mall or exhibition at any time.

Tell us about a favourite recent installation your company has been involved with.

We were the software partner of the world’s largest free-standing videowall constructed in Messe Dusseldorf’s north entrance hall.

 What three pieces of advice would you give to an integrator looking to move into the digital signage world?

Find the right partners. First software, second hardware like displays, pcs, totems etc. But the most important advice: first you have to have a concept, an idea of what your customer needs and what kind of problems should be solved. Then it’s easier to decide which technology has to be chosen.

In digital signage projects, what factors are most commonly overlooked?

Many people underestimate the rollout process. A good digital signage software should allow you a smooth and easy installation and roll out management. Secondly security: having a large network of displays means having to keep the communication between clients and server safe. That’s why we rely on Linux and a secure VPN connections.

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