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Digital Projection replaces air traffic control simulation projectors

Digital Projection’s E-Vision series projectors have been specified to urgently replace projectors at two major air traffic control simulation centres in China.

The CAAC/ATMB is responsible for national air traffic services, civil aviation communications, navigation, surveillance, aviation meteorology and flight information.

Two simulation centres have been upgraded as the original projectors had been unable to meet the vital colour contrast requirements of dark-field for night time simulation training.

Eight Digital Projection E-Vision 7500 WUXGA 3D projectors replaced the original projectors in the first centre, where the integrated simulation system creates a 360° projection environment on a screen 4m high and 12m in diameter. In the other division, a smaller screen dimension required eight Digital Projection E-Vision 6800 WUXGA 3D projectors.

The Digital Projection E-Vision 3D series projectors were chosen following a process comparing available projectors, with the deciding factor the colour and contrast of the E-Vision series, which met the necessary training requirements without the need to add a filter.

The WUXGA E-Vision models deliver 7,500 and 6,800 ANSI lumens of brightness and the E-Vision 7500WUXGA 3D is powerful enough to satisfy the differing lighting environments within the air traffic simulation chamber.

A CAAC/ATMB spokesperson commented: “The new projectors from Digital Projection outclassed the competition and we now have a simulation system that meets our full specification requirement.”

Digital Projection’s international marketing manager, Mark Wadsworth, added: “As a leader in projection system development, Digital Projection prides itself on the production of pioneering products that meet the most exacting standards in every market it serves. In pivotal training environments such as those of the CAAC/ATMB, it is reassuring to know that Digital Projection products exceed the customer’s operative expectations and succeed in meeting every standard necessary.”

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