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Digital Projection laser projectors chosen for JCB command centre

Antycip Simulation has integrated Digital Projection HIGHlite laser projectors into the new command and control centre of JCB’s worldwide HQ in Rocester, UK.

The Uptime Centre runs 12 hours a day, collecting live data worldwide from any JCB machine fitted with a LiveLink telematics device. The command centre receives a live flow of data including machine status, service times and downtimes, allowing operators to instantly assess a situation.

Antycip Simulation is a leading solutions provider of COTS simulation software, projection and display systems, VR solutions.

Fitted to the command and control room ceiling are four Digital Projection HIGHlite laser projectors, which were chosen by Antycip Simulation for the 11,000 ANSI lumens and 20,000 hours operation.

John Mould, commercial development manager at Antycip, supervised the integration, and according to Mould, the light output of the HIGHlite projector suited the high brightness environment of the Uptime Centre. Colour replication was also an important factor, and the Digital Projection 3-Chip DLP embedded technology was ideal to render the yellow of the JCB brand. “The fact that Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser projector is manufactured in Britain was also an important factor,” he added.

Total cost of ownership was an important criterion for JCB, as Mould explained: “When JCB decided to revamp their existing room, it was fitted with three separate projectors and additional screens on each side. We all agreed that the best solution would be to have all the information available in one large image in order to improve the decision making process.

“Digital Projection’s laser projectors provide great stability over time in terms of image quality but also reduce the requirement for having to change consumables, which due to the design of the room and furnishings immediately below would have been complicated.”

In order to keep within budget and respect JCB’s brief, Antycip Simulation had to work with the existing room design. “Rear projection was not an option because of the room constraints and the size of the projecting area,” stated Mould. “We prepared a special wall surface to help reduce overall costs and avoid future potential issues associated with managing an extremely large tensioned fabric screen.”

In order to enable the projectors to be mounted closer to the front projection surface whilst affording the best amount of usable space below, Antycip specified Navitar short throw conversion lenses on 1.1:1. The Navitar short throw conversion lenses, when carefully integrated, are able to extend the range of throw ratios available with the HIGHlite Laser. The projectors were custom mounted to optimise the light paths.

Measuring 18m x 4m, the screen width fits a 3x 4K blended array, with an operational resolution close to 6,000 x 1,200 pixels. Video content is delivered to the HIGHlite Laser projectors using Extron DTP RX/TX sender units.

The image blending of the projectors is automatically calibrated using VIOSO’s Anyblend software, a company that Antycip Simulation partners with.

In addition to the video solution, Antycip Simulation was in charge of providing a new audio solution for the room. A total of eight Extron and Sonance in-ceiling speakers were installed, contributing to better clarity and sonic performance.

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