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Datapath launches dL8 amplifier and x4-1U controller

Datapath has developed a new distribution amplifier for ultra-high resolution dual-link DVI signals and a new rackmount display wall controller, the x4-1U.

The dL8 from manufacturer Datapath is an eight-output distribution amplifier for ultra-high resolution dual-link DVI signals, while the x4-1U is a new rackmount version of the x4 standalone display wall controller. The dL8 1U amplifier is fan cooled and allows large display walls to be driven from a single high-resolution source. The device includes support for up to 32 screen display walls when used in conjunction with up to eight Datapath x4 standalone display wall controllers. It also offers support for both dual- and single-link DVI and handles any resolutions up to and beyond Quad-HD (3840 x 1260). Furthermore, the device provides EDID management and support for long input cables. The x4-1U accepts a standard single- or dual-link DVI-D input and can display this across four DVI-I outputs. Features include front indictor lights and a 100V-240V universal internal PSU, IEC connector. This multi-display controller can rotate, crop, scale, mirror and bezel correct images, and is said to be ideal for constructing multi-screen solutions for both digital signage applications, small video walls and for any creative multi-display video setup.