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Dance events take advantage of wysiwyg R33

SDO Design visualises lighting for Sensation, Tomorrowworld and Tomorrowland dance events globally

Dutch lighting designer SDO Design uses wysiwyg R33 from CAST Software to design and visualise the lighting for all its events including the upcoming Tomorrowworld event in Atlanta, Georgia from 26-28 September 2014 and Sensation in Dubai on 31 October 2014.

SDO Design is no stranger to designing lighting for Sensation, Tomorrowworld and also Tomorrowland. In 2012, for Sensation Source of Light, SDO Design designed a giant radiating lighting sphere aimed specifically at connecting audiences. Shortly after, Sensation Into the Wild 2013 used lighting to create a ritualistic themed lighting design based around animal instincts. In 2014, SDO designed lighting for the spectacular Sensation Welcome to the Pleasuredome. Sensation’s Dutch premiere kicked off an international tour that toured more than 20 countries.

Given the importance of lighting, getting it right while on a prolonged extensive tour is a huge challenge, especially as each performance venue is unique, if not for the performance stage area then for the audience.

“The diverse range of clients that we work with is what inspires me,” said Sander Den Otter, owner at SDO Design. “The focus of our work has always been to create lighting for a broad range of markets including business, public events, television, theatre and dance events. I have used wysiwyg for over 10 years,” added Den Otter. “wysiwyg R33 helps me to design, visualise and pre-programme my lighting designs. I use this to communicate with the set designers and creative directors about design.

“As a designer I am constantly challenged to provide new and exciting lighting designs, especially to excite, engage audiences and to enthral and entertain. wysiwyg R33 allows me to achieve new levels of audience interaction and experience for my clients.”

Cast adds new features and functionality to wysiwyg on a continual basis. R33 includes features such as LED video wall glow, shaded view optimisations and profiles, templates, and 200 DMX universes.