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Daktronics to supply LED displays to Baku Olympic Stadium

Daktronics is to provide Baku Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan, with a new display system featuring two LED video screens.

Daktronics is to provide Baku Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan, with a new display system featuring two LED video screens. Installation, which is set to begin around this month, will also include new LED ribbon and pitch perimeter displays. Baku Olympic Stadium will be completed by 2015 in time to host the inaugural European Games, including track and field events and opening and closing ceremonies. The stadium will also be the new home of the Azerbaijan national soccer team.

Two new displays, one at each end of the field, will enhance the game experience for more than 68,000 fans. Each display will feature a 15mm pixel pitch and measure 10.97m high by 19.75m wide (720 x 1296 pixels). These displays will provide full-screen live video and instant replays. They can also be divided into separate windows to show additional statistics, animations, graphics and sponsor messages.

One ribbon display will be installed on the fascia of the seating area. It will feature 20mm line spacing and measure 1.1m high by 692m wide. The perimeter display will feature 10mm line spacing and measure 0.73m x 307m. These displays can supplement the content shown on the main video displays as well as provide additional space to highlight sponsors throughout events, show crowd prompts and graphics, and keep fans aware of other relevant game information. The displays can be used individually or synchronised, typically used to highlight a key moment during the event or to provide premium exposure for sponsors.

“We’re extremely honoured to be selected for this monumental installation for Baku Olympic Stadium,” said Ewan Prentice (pictured), Daktronics regional sales. “These displays will provide the stadium with extra game-day excitement and amplify the action that’s taking place on the field. We’re excited to see everything installed and turned on for their first event.” All these Daktronics LED video displays feature multiple levels of protection from the outdoor elements and provide crisp, clear imagery at wide angle visibility to connect with fans no matter where they are seated. With a long lifetime, minimal maintenance requirements and low power consumption, the displays are said to provide value and excitement for years to come.

“Daktronics provided many key elements that led to their selection for this video display project,” said Javid Najafov, senior engineer for regional and social projects delivery department of SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic), the company funding the project. “Simply put, the quality they provide, the solid reference list built from their experience in the industry, and the responsibility and responsiveness of the company from a partnership perspective positioned them to succeed with this installation.”

The main contractor on the project is Tekfen Construction and electromechanical subcontractor is Anel Group.