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Daktronics builds new 100ft display for University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium

New display is designed to bring a massive visual experience to fans, student-athletes and coaches, alike It brings crisp, clear imagery with wide angle visibility to every seat in the stadium

Display manufacturer Daktronics has continued a long-standing relationship with the University of Georgia to design, manufacture and install a new LED video display and Show Control System for the 36,000 seater Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia. 

The new end zone display features a 13HD pixel layout, the same technology used by many professional football teams. The Bulldogs display measures 52 feet high by 100 feet wide, 30 percent larger than the previous display, to bring a massive visual experience to fans, student-athletes and coaches, alike. It brings crisp, clear imagery with wide angle visibility to every seat in the stadium.

“We continue to value our long-standing relationship with Daktronics for our LED technology, event production and digital content,” said Josh Brooks, deputy athletic director – operations, University of Georgia. “They have continued to provide Georgia Athletics with the highest quality of service and support, which is extremely important to us as we put on the best game-day production for our student-athletes and fans.”

The new Daktronics Show Control System features an easy-to-use workflow that allows the new display to be used as one large canvas or it can be divided into multiple zones to show any combination of live video, instant replay, real-time statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages. Unlimited layering and keying enhance the overall production, allowing the university to build layers and key score bugs, fan prompts, and other elements over the top of video to deliver today’s modern broadcast experience.

Some of the new functionality showcased during the G-Day Spring Game included key/fill, transitions between the different video looks and sources, as well as creating transitions from full video to a live squeeze back revealing the full canvas below. The show had more of a broadcast-type feel and was received well by the university, building on the excitement for what is yet to come this upcoming football season.

“We’re incorporating updated control features from Daktronics that will launch our game-day productions to the next level,” said Mike Bilbow, assistant athletic director – digital and production, University of Georgia Athletic Association. “Fans are going to get more of the content and transitions they’re used to seeing on television, but they will be in the stadium experiencing the games live in front of their eyes; an experience that simply can’t be replicated. We’re thrilled to be able to engage our fans on a deeper level with the new functionality.”

In addition, the Bulldogs are working with Daktronics Professional Services team to have custom content developed and integrated, and to provide game-day production services. This marks 14 years of collaboration with the university providing live event support.

“The west end zone expansion project will improve the fan experience at an already great venue at the University of Georgia,” said Kyle Adams, Daktronics regional sales manager. “The new display and control functionality is a game-changer for their game-day productions that will blow their fans away at every event. We’re proud to continue our long-time partnership on campus and look forward to seeing everything in action again this fall.”

The University of Georgia also uses Daktronics products and services at their venues for basketball, baseball, gymnastics, softball, soccer, volleyball and practice facilities across campus.