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d&b audio delivers for Turkish conference centre

With a list that names world leaders, Istanbul's Lütfi Kirdar conference centre has seen its fair share of esteemed guests over the years. d&b audiotechnik's system now provides sound for the main hall that meets its contrasting audio requirements.

The need for improved audio capabilities meant that an upgrade was required at Istanbul’s Lütfi Kirdar conference centre – leading to the installation of a versatile d&b audiotechnik system. To achieve the desired goal for a system that could deliver for contemporary live pop music events and conference speech, two Turkish-based suppliers – Spectrum Event Technologies and Display Sound and Lighting Systems – worked in unison on the project. The design of the system was coordinated by the Spectrum team, and was based on commissioning that revealed an average STI of 0.67, deviating slightly by 0.44 after the completion of final tuning. Incorporated into the installation and fitted either side of the central stage in Anadolu Auditorium, located in the heart of the building, were two line arrays each comprised of ten d&b Q1 loudspeakers, one J-INFRA ground-stacked and six flown Q-SUBs. Additionally, four T10 loudspeakers were incorporated into the system for fills, along with two Q1 loudspeakers as flown centre fills. Thirteen D12 d&b amplifiers power the entire system, with one channel left over to drive an additional four T10 loudspeakers – provided by Spectrum additionally as stage lip fills if required. Control of the system comes from a d&b R70 Ethernet to CAN interface, which uses d&b Remote control software – enabling iPads and smartphones to connect to the system to change parameters. “Of course the intelligibility had to be absolutely adequate for speech, since this clearly will be the most frequent program material,” said Janko Ramuscak from the d&b Application Support team. “Even so Spectrum had been asked to design a system also suitable for music and so as well as full range delivery from the T10 and Q1 for the flown left/right system and fill, they had also specified six Q-SUBs and a J-INFRA each side of stage. There was to be nothing half hearted about the system, it had to deliver to audiences at opposite ends of the listening spectrum; pardon the pun.” Serkan Goren, from Display Sound and Lighting, commented, “there is great confidence investing in German manufactured products; d&b’s back-up resources makes installation easy; the size and weight of the devices considering their performance in terms of sound levels and their exceptional hi-fi quality is very attractive to the installer; and as I saw for myself when working at Lütfi Kirdar, d&b received the first three ranks in domestic and international demands of riders.”