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CueCore controls lighting on Swedish traffic bridges

The largest traffic interchange in Stockholm has a beautiful new lighting scheme controlled by Visual Productions's CueCore.

Lighting designer Michael Hallbert collaborated with Swedish design and installation company Luxlight on the recent Kista Trafikplats E4/E18 project just outside Stockholm. The largest interchange in the city, two bridges have been built here running from north-east and south-east forming a T that can be seen from space.

Visual Productions’ CueCores are used to control the lighting. Patric Nord from Luxlight, who carried out the installation and programming, choose CueCore as he required a solid-state solution that integrated a scheduler. He choose to use the CueluxPro software suite for programming the CueCores, so that he could easily incorporate movements or matrix control on-site if Hallbert required these. In the end the dramatic lighting design was simplyachieved with static scenes dumped from CueluxPro into the CueCores.

The recorded memory is triggered by the CueCore’s Astronomical Clock:
– Lights on one hour before sunset
– Lights off one hour after sunrise
– Summer and winter time calculated by the CueCore set for the GPS coordinates of the bridges

Two CueCores were used – one for each bridge, with a total of 400 LED channels per bridge. With the bridges 300m apart it was better to install two separate systems as laying fibre would have proved too costly and a Wi-fi network would have been potentially less reliable.

The RGB light fixtures, X-line Color and VaioLED RGB 2S IP67 were all mounted behind 30cm thick glass. This gives a beautiful translucency to the facade.

Photo: Olof Thiel (