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Cross Pointe Church upgrades with Meyer Sound

MICA line array loudspeakers and 1100-LFC LF elements have been installed in a church inside a former missile factory.

Meyer Sound MICA line array loudspeakers and 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements have been installed inside Cross Pointe Church, which is located inside a former Boeing missile factory building in Duluth, Georgia. The new system replaces a nine-year-old Meyer Sound CQ-2 loudspeaker system, which will be redeployed in a second Cross Pointe campus that will open in late 2014.

Alfred Burgess, pastor of worship and creative arts, reports that the MICA loudspeakers’ power and clarity was immediately noticeable. He said: “After the first Sunday, our lead pastor Dr James Merritt came up to me and said, ‘I’ve just had the best speaking experience of my life.’ MICA has the coverage and the clarity we want, and now it’s really enjoyable to sit out here and listen.”

The new system includes main hangs of MICA loudspeakers (seven each), which provide uniform coverage for most of the 1,700-seat worship auditorium. Four UPM-1P loudspeakers and a single UPA-1P loudspeaker provide front and centre fill respectively, while four 1100-LFC loudspeakers arranged in left and right cardioid pairs supply low end. A Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with two Galileo Callisto 616 array processors supplies drive and optimisation.

Burgess is also impressed by the 1100-LFC loudspeakers: “The low end is really amazing. It doesn’t just rumble at you like some other subwoofers. The sound is powerful, yet tight and clear.”

The new MICA installation is complemented by Avid Profile and D-Show consoles at FOH and montiors, respectively, Waves and McDSP processing plug-ins, and Shure PSM 1000 in-ear monitoring systems.

System design and installation was handled by Tom Larrison of Norcross, Georgia-based Blue Hat Design, with assistance by Scott Clark and Joe Kimsey.