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Control4 highlights three key tech trends in home automation

On the back of a study conducted by Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, which predicts home automation to be the number two trend in residential remodelling over the next five to ten years, Control4 has pointed out three key trends which are driving the home automation industry.

1. Energy efficiency: According to one of the Harvard studies, around 73% of consumers are demanding energy efficiency in their remodeling projects. This is something that smart home technology can provide. By managing and coordinating lighting control and HVAC systems together, Control4 enables the home to respond intelligently to changing conditions, while also allowing homeowners to adjust temperature and manage lighting via their mobile devices.

2. Security solutions: These are increasingly acting as a gateway for consumers interested in upgrading their home to include home automation. When integrated and used with Control4, Smart door locks can keep homeowners informed about who is entering or leaving, when they left, and how long they were there. Implementing these kinds of solutions can lead to long term financial rewards: “Insurance companies can offer discounts for security systems, fire protection systems, camera systems, and some water leak detection systems,” said Rene Robaina, president of Home Technology Solutions, a certified Control4 Dealer.

3. Simple operation: Home automation can be installed into both new and existing homes, and depending on the complexity and range of the requested functionality and device interoperability can be installed in as quickly as one day. In addition, operation is usually fairly straight forward with today’s smartphone and tablet technology. “An automation system is just a computer that runs your home systems,” added certified Control4 dealer and owner of Ambiance Audio Control Video, Brent Wilson. “The idea is to make things more intuitive, so while being tech savvy doesn’t hurt, it isn’t required.”