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WEYTEC celebrates 40th anniversary

Since, its small beginnings in 1984, Swiss workplace solutions provider WEYTEC has expanded into 45 different countries

Swiss-based workplace solutions provider WEYTEC is celebrating a milestone in its history  – 40 years since its founding in 1984. It is four decades since the original WEY Elektronik was founded by Hubert and Marlise Wey, in 1984.  The company has since gone from a small business to a global player, with a presence in 45 different countries and a 160-strong workforce worldwide.

CTO Mario Okle, left, and CEO Armin Klinger

WEYTEC initially made its name with the creation of what were then cutting-edge solutions for Swiss trading floors — including the MultiSync monochrome monitor the year the company was founded, and the VGA to RGB converters, in 1988.In the intervening years, WEYTEC has built workplace solutions designed to facilitate decision-making and data handling in high-pressure environments.

Although WEYTEC began with the simple aim of helping a major bank in Zurich to manage its trading floor, it has since expanded its scope to serve a wide range of sectors where control rooms are demanded – from industry to infrastructure, emergency services to the energy sector, transport and aviation to broadcast media.

Today, over 50,000 WEYTEC workplaces are in use around the world. WEYTEC solutions have assisted clients as wide-ranging as Vattenfall, Axpo and Zurich airport, as well as other flight hubs in New York and Singapore.

in 2003, Mario Okle, board member and CTO, and Armin Klingler, currently chairman of the board and CEO of WEY Group, undertook a buyout that saw the company stay in familiar hands.