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Consistent, reliable and cheaper to run: is it time you turned to laser?

Jon Garaway, education account manager at NEC Display Solutions talks about the practical and financial benefits of laser projection for education users

By 2020, 74 per cent of all 5,000 ANSI lumen installation projectors will be laser light source based. The case behind this is compelling – laser offers reliability, consistent brightness, long life and minimal maintenance adding up to an undeniably low total cost of ownership. What’s more, once it’s installed, you don’t even need to think about it for another 20,000 hours of operation!

Compare two equivalent projectors, one laser-based (NEC PX803UL) and one lamp-based (NEC PX750U); over a period of 20,000 hours, an operational cost saving of more than €13,000 is possible. Alongside this, the initial purchasing price of a lamp vs laser based models is remarkably similar.

Universities have in the past been forced to allow a considerable budget toward lamp replacement and in a resource stretched sector this is increasingly difficult to ring fence. Additionally, often located on high ceilings in lecture halls and auditoriums, projectors are very difficult and costly to access for maintenance. With no lamp change and no filter cleaning required, neither of these resource-sapping issues need be part of the TCO equation any longer.

Many universities are already enjoying the benefits of laser; at the University of Bath, NEC laser projection is utilised across a large part of its general teaching areas to standardise its quality offering to staff and students and reap the benefits of compelling TCO credentials. The long-term reliability and predictability of laser means that whatever they specify now, will still be performing in the same way in five years’ time. The university deliberately chose laser because it provides a consistent platform, one which allows them to change the way they consider the total cost of ownership in their teaching process. Its long lasting consistent performance means they can more effectively plan for their future requirements.

Meanwhile, teachers and students also benefit from laser’s consistent brightness performance. Delivering teaching material with perfect image quality and natural looking colours, laser offers students an eye pleasing viewing experience. Lecture halls and auditoriums are often flooded with light keeping students stimulated and motivated, yet laser projection delivers impressive rich colours in high resolutions and vivid brightness making the content clear to view even in the brightest ambient light.