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Kramer unveils new TBUS table-mount meeting space solution

The TBUS product line, introduced at InfoComm 2024, is a table-mount solutions for any meeting space

Kramer announced the debut of its TBUS product line at InfoComm 2024. The company says the TBUS introduces a “new era of elegant tabletop connectivity”, designed for modern meeting environments.

The TBUS product line for conference room connectivity is a table-mount solutions for any meeting space. It integrates all connectivity needs into a single cable solution for charging, AV, and USB peripherals. Components are installed and maintained from above the table, making upgrades easy, according to Kramer.

Kramer’s TBUS offers mix-and-match modules and a slide and lock mechanism, allowing users to customise their setups.

Amit Ancikovsky, Americas regional president, Kramer, said: “We are incredibly proud to introduce the new TBUS at InfoComm 2024. This product line is a testament to Kramer’s commitment to innovation and our focus on enhancing the user experience in professional settings.”

He added:”The T-Bus embodies our mission to create seamless, integrated solutions that not only meet, but anticipate, the needs of our customers, ensuring that every meeting is as productive and hassle-free as possible.”