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Urban Salon transforms BBH

Architect opts for Concord luminaires in revamp of leading advertising agency BBH.

The London offices of leading advertising agency BBH have recently been transformed by architect Urban Salon. As part of the project, the London-based designer revamped the lighting scheme using a range of stylish Concord luminaires to enhance the interior design while also making use of the available daylight, especially in the central atrium area.

Located in Kingly Street W1, the building has been the home to BBH for 17 years. The interior is arranged around a central atrium which is a core feature of the building. The interior has been remodelled along modern lines. The old-fashioned glass partitions which used to separate account teams have made way for a more open-plan look to reflect a less rigid company structure.

Individual offices remain but they are placed at the outer limits of the floorplates, and have been defined with coloured adjoining walls. The layout also benefits from what Urban Salon calls ‘think boxes’ – small open-sided spaces for solo and collaborative work.

Urban Salon has created a lighting scheme that is able to enhance the interior design, especially in the central atrium area. “We were tasked with creating BBH a lighting scheme that was modern and energy efficient,” says Caroline Keppel-Palmer of Urban Salon. “Concord was the perfect lighting partner as we were able to select products from their wide portfolio and be sure that they would be stylish and offer first-class performance.”

Urban Salon specified Concord Beacon LED spotlights – these have been installed around the edge of the atrium to illuminate the areas below, where they complement the available natural light. In addition, Concord’s powerful Lytelab spotlights are used in this area to illuminate the acoustic baffles which stretch across the glazed area. In the think boxes, Concord Continuum provides effective task lighting, where its sleek looks are the perfect complement to the angular lines of the individual spaces. In the newly modernised reception area, Concord Ascent 150 downlights provide a smart look and efficient light output for this busy circulation area.