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Concord doubles up Myriad Adjustable LED

Concord has added the Myriad Adjustable Twin LED luminaire to the highly-successful Myriad family

Concord has added the Myriad Adjustable Twin LED luminaire to the highly-successful Myriad family. The luminaire has a tilt of 25˚ with a beam angle of 24˚ to provide an elegant lit effect exactly where it is required. With a power consumption of only 30W, it is a highly-efficient, versatile and compact luminaire.

“The Myriad Adjustable LED range has proved extremely popular,” comments Fay Berry, SBU manager for Concord at Havells Sylvania. “The launch of the Myriad Adjustable LED single version earlier in the year was extremely successful and we expect the twin version to be just as well-received. Both modules within the Myriad Adjustable Twin LED can be titled directly to where the light is required, and in different directions, which gives greater flexibility in applications where lighting requirements often change such as hospitality and retail environments.”

Smaller in form factor than most accent downlights due to its compact LED technology, the luminaire is perfect for high-end residential properties, receptions and hospitality environments and is an ideal halogen replacement. Total power consumption for the Myriad Adjustable Twin LED is just 30W with each single engine accounting for 15W. It is available in black and white internal trim with white or silver bezels and three colour temperatures – 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. Depending on the colour temperature the lumen output for the Myriad Adjustable Twin LED is 1054lm (2700K), 1304lm (3000K) or 1354lm (4000K) with a LOR of 100%.

With an average life of 50,000 hours, the Myriad Adjustable LED is a low-maintenance solution and with a CRI of 85 is ideal for environments where colour reproduction is important. The luminaire is also IP20 and IK02 rated and a range of accessories is also available to complement any interior décor.