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City Rock opts for APG sound system

City Rock, a sophisticated lounge bar/restaurant in the Parisian suburb of Cergy Pontoise, is the latest nightspot to benefit from an APG sound system powered exclusively by Lab.gruppen's C Series amplifiers.

The system was designed and specified by Pierre-Yves Seddiki of AMPI, a systems contracting company based just south of Paris. He designed a multi-zone distributed system based on APG’s dedicated installation Micro Axial Series, which is said to offer an exceptional power/size ratio and high-quality sound reinforcement for applications where space is at a premium and minimum visual intrusion is required.

City Rock comprises three distinct zones, each of which required its own sound system to suit the particular environment. The first zone is designed like a high class, luxurious New York loft with decor to match. Here the emphasis is on creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere for customers to dine in comfort. AMPI therefore specified a total of eight MX1 loudspeakers which offer a broad dispersion pattern in a compact format. The aim was to provide an even wash of sound throughout the area that remains intelligible without being intrusive. An MX2, which is slightly more powerful than the MX1, provides the audio liaison between the restaurant and the next, louder zone called le Baroque.

Le Baroque is more of a club lounge and has its own mobile DJ system. This area of the club can be made completely independent of the rest and can therefore be hired out for private parties. AMPI opted for ten MX2 2-way loudspeakers with low frequency reinforcement from APG’s compact SUB138P, which are ideal for environments such as this where the SPL has to be optimised in accordance to the space available. In other words, it has to be loud enough to create a party atmosphere, but not so loud that it intrudes on the other spaces in the club, especially if it is being used for a private party.

The third space is the main bar which also hosts the dance floor. The bar itself boasts 12 MX1 loudspeakers and another MX2 for the transition between the bar and the dance floor, while the dance floor is equipped with four powerful yet compact MX4 2-way full range loudspeakers with bass reinforcement in the form of an APG TB115S subwoofer. An additional MX2 acts as DJ monitor. Processing is APG throughout via two DMS26 digital system processors, which in turn manage the individual loudspeaker processors; the LPMX4 running the MX4/TB115S dance floor system, and the LPMX2 which handles the Baroque system. The entire loudspeaker network is powered exclusively by a combination of C Series amplifiers from Lab.gruppen; C48:4, C10:8X and C10:4X which offer high channel density and solid performance in a compact package.

According to Seddiki, the client is more than happy with the results. “I’ve been working with APG for a long time, and this sort of installation is typical of what I can achieve using their products. My company motto is ‘Quality, Service and Results’. It’s what I expect to deliver to my clients, and what I expect – and get – from APG. Their products are extremely high quality, the service is excellent, and I achieve great results. It’s a great relationship.”