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Christie releases 64-bit version of Pandoras Box

The demand for greater performance to process, play and control higher resolutions and data volumes on multiple displays is growing. With the new Pandoras Box Version 6.4, Christie introduces its new 64-bit processing software, which increases the performance of existing processing hardware. Christie Pandoras Box is a family of hardware and software tools for real-time video processing and show control in live events, projection mapping, image compositing and interactive applications. The new version is now available for download on the Christie Pandoras Box website.

Pandoras Box 6.4 combines the latest processing technology with intuitive media and show control. In addition to several new features on the redesigned interface, the performance of all systems has been significantly increased, with the updated software unlocking additional resources from existing server hardware. Working completely in 64-bit, the render engine – the centrepiece of the product – is now ideally adapted to the operating system. Pandoras Box can make use of additional resources, such as system memory, or process more calculations in parallel. These performance-boosting improvements allow the simultaneous playback of more or larger video files.

“We are pleased to have significantly increased the performance and speed of Pandoras Box with the 64-bit version. Tests have shown that depending on the video codec we were able to generate up to 35 per cent more output,” said Markus Zeppenfeld, product manager, Christie Pandoras Box. “This is also great news for customers using our Software Player on their custom hardware systems, as even they will benefit immensely from these improvements.”

Through the facelift of the redesigned user interface, the software has become clearer and more structured, making it easier and faster to keep an eye on important data or settings. Additional icons also facilitate intuitive operation and give the user direct access to key functionalities. Another new feature is the revised QuickTime decoder, which delivers faster decoding, includes hardware acceleration and supports additional codecs such as H.264, HEVC, ProRes, and DNxHD.