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Christie creates Latin America’s largest rear projection mapping install

Christie’s laser phosphor projectors have been utilised for a landmark digital signage project at Citibank’s flagship branch in São Paulo, to celebrate the bank’s 100th anniversary in Brazil.

Founders, a Brazilian company and part of the JChebly group, installed 19 Christie GS Series laser phosphor projectors to create a 250sqm permanent projection in its glass façade, which is the biggest rear-projection mapping installation in Latin America.

São Paulo banned all billboards in 2007 to fight what it saw as the growing problem of ‘visual pollution.’ As a result, Citibank, Founders and Christie came up with a project to produce a new billboard concept approved by the Clean City Law, making it the only billboard in town.

Leonardo Chebly, CEO of Founders, in speaking about the installation said: “When we received the assignment to turn the branch into a digital landmark, we analysed the branch’s architecture and developed specific solutions that use the front and sideward glass façade to create a digital billboard.

“Considering a project of such magnitude, we needed the best partners to carry out the installation with a high focus on quality and safety. Therefore we chose Christie, due to its more than 80 years of experience in movie projection and 25 in the development of digital projection, along with its known quality standards.”

There were several technicians from Founders and Christie working on the project, including André Nuvens Ingnez and Daniel Monteiro Pereira, channel sales manager and sales manager business products respectively for Christie Brazil.

The 19 Christie DWX555-GS laser phosphor projectors with 1DLP technology were installed at the façade of the office in a rear-projection setup, producing 100,000 lumen projection mapping over the glass façade and the laterals of the office, covering an area of 250sqm. The 24/7 projection is a permanent source of information, entertainment and culture where media artists, poets and designers are invited to create unique digital contents stating their views, opinions and love for São Paulo.

“We needed very powerful projectors to offer the best quality image, and that’s why Christie DWX555-GS projectors served us perfectly,” explained Chebly. Featuring laser phosphor illumination and equipped with 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution, the Christie DWX555-GS eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 5,400 ANSI lumens and 20,000 hours of low-cost operation.

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