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Christie adds three 2K projectors to Boxer Series

Christie has introduced three new 2K resolution projectors to its Boxer Series, with the launch of the 2K20, 2K25 and 2K30 models. The brightness of the projectors ranges from 19,300 ANSI lumens (20,000 centre lumens) for the 2K20 up to 29,000 ANSI lumens (30,000 centre lumens) for the 2K30.

Now with multiple software configurations, the Christie Boxer Series has a number of options, based on resolution, brightness and budget requirements. The series also includes built-in warping and blending, omnidirectional installation capabilities, and a full-range of connectivity.

“When Christie introduced the first Boxer projector we knew we had created a champion. Engineered, designed and built from the ground-up in our world-class research and development facility, the Christie Boxer is the culmination of years of experience working closely with leading rental stagers and AV professionals to understand their specific needs and expectations,” said Mike Garrido, senior product manager, Christie. “The three new models are built to the same quality and engineering standard as the multiple award winning Boxer 4K30 and include HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, 12G-SDI and fibre input.”

A standard feature on all 2K Boxer models, Christie TruLife Lite delivers 300 Mpx/s and provides superior video processing for 2K and HD sources, and features a floating-point processing engine with the equivalent of 25 bits fixed point processing resolution.

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