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Chief expands Impact On-Wall Kiosk series

Chief has added compatibility with 40-75in displays to its Impact On-Wall Digital Signage Kiosk enclosure.

The Impact On-Wall Kiosk is designed to guarantee its agnostic compatibility with a wide range of displays. Attaching the display to the front of the frame, reversible hinges allow the kiosk to swing open for quick servicing and maintenance accessibility.

Its sleek aesthetic complements a variety of environments and the depth-adjustable exterior frame enables easy alterations to the spacing between the display and wall.

Robert de Jong, director product management for EMEA, commented: “During the past six months, the EMEA Pro AV channel has recognised the unique installation features and aesthetics of the Impact On-Wall Kiosk and have been requesting for the frame on a larger scale. As a result of this demand, we’re very pleased to announce the expansion of series which provides the market with even more size options for site design.”

For security, integrated engagement latches are secured with tamper-proof hardware to protect equipment. Lever Lock technology from Middle Atlantic is integrated for on-wall component storage, with the option for adding additional storage either on-wall with Lever Lock, or in-wall via the Chief In-Wall Storage Boxes.

“The Impact series is also the first Chief product that is a co-developed solution between Chief and Middle Atlantic,” added De Jong. “We were able to leverage the strengths of both brands to create an amazing product that our customers were asking for.”

The Impact On-Wall Kiosk is available in black or white finishes for 40-75in screen sizes and also provides in-wall or wall storage.