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Cayin launches new digital signage server

The CMS-40 features upgraded hardware to deliver improved system performance and increased operational efficiency.

Cayin Technology has launched a new compact digital signage server, the CMS-40. The hardware upgrade of the new server is said to have improved system performance and notably increased operational efficiency.

The new content management servers are bundled with hardware and software for player management, content update and central scheduling.

“It is the perfect timing to release the new server,” said Ravel Chi, vice president of Cayin Technology. “With more successful pilot runs of digital signage deployments, many projects expand the scale of digital signage network, increasing the need of powerful servers.”

The new CMS server upgrades its processor and can manage more media players. One CMS-40 entry-level server can control twice the amount of media players, a maximum of 80 SMP players, simultaneously.

“This new release is also aimed at better multitasking performance,” Ravel noted. “Cayin is seeking to deliver a balance between efficient player management and high-quality video streaming.”

The new CMS server is said to speed up download of large multimedia files and ensure smooth server operation. The CMS-40 can also work as a streaming server to broadcast live streaming videos, such as live shows, sport games and TV news over the digital signage network. The new model adds an S-Video connection to its composite interface to provide better image quality.