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Casio teams up with Selfridges for LED laser projection

Casio XJ-ST155 Laser and LED projectors have been deployed to create a window display for London’s Selfridges as the store promotes its new Womens Designer Galleries section.

Casio Projectors has collaborated with AV integrator Freehand to create a new window display for London’s Selfridges department store, with video powered by Casio XJ-ST155 Laser and LED projectors.

Simulated clouds, rippling water and stone texture effects all feature in the glass-fronted window display, which is being used to promote the store’s new Women Designer Galleries – a space offering clothing from top desingers.

As the image was to be displayed in a glass-fronted shop window, the projector had to meet temperature specifications. The Casio XJ-ST155 was selected as it uses Casio’s own Laser & LED Hybrid light source that creates a bright, clear image without generating the heat of a traditional lamp projector.

“We worked hard to get the positioning of the projectors just right,” says Mike Fabian from Freehand, “to give maximum effect and achieve what the designers wanted. Selfridges brief to Freehand was to give the Womens Designer Galleries window display a feeling of elegance while bringing the display’s props to life. A projector was chosen because the images were to be shown not just on a flat screen but on uneven surfaces, such as mannequins and fabrics.”

Tim Gould, Casio’s marketing director, said: “Casio Projectors are normally known for their use in education and offices, so being used for one of the most famous stores in London is very exciting for us. Digital signage is perfect for retail scenarios; you can change the content in a second just by inserting a different USB memory stick, keeping the campaign fast-paced and constantly engaging for the customer.”