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Casio short-throw projectors help create ‘Memphis’ music video

Projecting a face on to a face to create a music video - this is the idea director Jan Urbanowski had for Germany-born singer Alev Lenz's new single, 'Memphis'. Casio short-throw projectors helped realise the concept.

A small studio hidden away in Bethnal Green, east London, UK, was the location image maker and director Jan Urbanowski had selected to film a new music video with a bit of a difference – and incorporating Casio XJ-ST145-UJ and XJ-ST155-UJ short-throw projectors.

Having used Casio projectors to create Utopia – a theatre project in London’s Soho theatre – Urbanowski again turned to Casio for a new project: a music video shoot for upcoming singer/songwriter Alev Lenz’s new single Memphis.

In the director’s own words: ‘The premise of the video evolves around re projecting a choreographed performance back onto another performance of Alev.”

By combining Xbox Kinect 3D motion sensing, hooked up to clever tracking software Ni Mate, Urbanowski created a music video, which re-projected graphics and images back onto the singer using the Casio XJ-ST145-UJ and XJ-ST155-UJ short-throw projectors.

This was done through two day-long shoots. The first day shot all the elements required to film the following day’s shoot, and also filmed graphics tracked by the Kinect onto Lenz’s body.

The second would use the previous day’s footage to project the tracked graphics and images and also a projection of Lenz’s face back onto her face – all while being filmed.

“I wanted to use Casio again because, for the scale and weight of the projectors, they offer such a good lumens value,” commented Urbanowski. “The projectors also offer the necessary width at short throw – something which was important given budget and studio size constraints. We needed a wide option in a short space and that’s what Casio gave us.”