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Casio launches Core XJ-V1 lamp-free projector

Casio is launching the Core XJ-V1 projector, which uses its Laser & LED Hybrid light source technology.

Casio is launching the Core XJ-V1 projector, which uses its Laser & LED Hybrid light source technology. The Core will begin shipping in May 2015 and is targeted for use in classrooms and meeting spaces.

Being a lamp-free device, the Core brings the benefits associated with the Laser & LED Hybrid light source technology to extended markets. The entire Casio range is mercury free, not only ensuring that the teaching environment is safe, but also replacing an unreliable light source (UHP mercury lamps), with two of the most stable (laser and LED).

Power consumption and maintenance are significantly reduced with no lamps or filters to change. The projector can turn on and off in under eight seconds without a warming up or cooling down period, saving valuable time.

With a brightness of 2,700lm and a 20,000-hour lifespan, the Core ensures that all presentations are bright and vivid for longer with minimum drop off in brightness.

The Core has been designed with the user in mind, featuring a simple user interface and connection points that fit most universal ceiling mounts.

Toshiharu Okimuro, head of global sales at Casio Projection said: “This new addition to our portfolio will ensure that everyone can benefit from high-quality, sustainable projection. We are very excited about this important new product. Once you see it, you will understand why we are so excited.

“Having no consumables to monitor or replace means that end users can fix their costs for projection for five years without hidden extras. With no replacement parts needed, the level of maintenance is significantly reduced, offering a viable and sustainable option for businesses and educational establishments looking for long-term technology solutions. In addition, there is no downtime for changing lamps, providing a much more reliable solution for end users.”