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Cafe culture – Matrox Graphics Cards in prestigious install

The project began when YCD Multimedia was hired by Aroma to design a digital signage application within their coffee shops to help retain and expand their customer base. Requirements for the new digital signage installation included the ability to manage all promotional, sales and marketing content centrally, and the capacity to provide a service that complements the quick service and cafe clientele.

The resulting system employs YCD | Platform, YCD | Player, MuVi Wall components and customised music playlists to convey an array of arresting content. In particular, the YCD MuVi Wall is said to have had a “tremendous impact” on sales.

“Matrox cards are very stable and allow YCD | Player to run HD content with high-performance on a wide selection of displays,” stated Dani Zeevi, chief technical officer at YCD Multimedia. “YCD’s MuVi Wall, together with the Matrox graphic cards, creates an advanced and powerful solution that delivers one of the highest levels of content quality in the world today.”

Cecilia Wills, country manager at Matrox UK, told II: “Stability and reliability are key factors in digital signage installations and a prerequisite for innovative products such as the YCD MuVi wall. This, coupled with Matrox’s long life-cycles, made our graphics cards the ideal choice for the Aroma project.”