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First Polish installation as CADAC CDC six finds wide appeal

CADAC distributor Tommex has installed a CDC six in the cultural centre in the Polish town of Płońsk. This is the latest in a clutch of initial sales of CADAC’s medium-format live audio console across Europe.

CADAC’s Polish distributor, Tommex, has installed a CDC six audio console in the Miejskie Centrum Kultury (MCK) in Płońsk, as part of the modernisation of the town’s cultural centre.

This is the latest in a clutch of initial sales of CADAC’s medium-format live sound console across Europe, which has seen consoles ship to customers in Benelux, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Consoles have also been sold and shipped to several Asian territories, including China.

The Tommex installation – the first in Poland – is in Miejskie Centrum Kultury’s Kalejdoskop Cinema, a multipurpose hall. The MCK facility also features workshops, offices, a recording studio, conference room, dance studio and gallery. The CDC six and two MegaCOMMS connected CDC I/O 3216 stageboxes were chosen by the MCK Płońsk in a tender, providing a system configuration that met the venue’s objectives and exceeded the project’s technical design specification. The CADAC system provides a number of application possibilities for productions and events, required by both the centre’s own technical staff and visiting sound engineers.

“Due to the simple and transparent interface, operation of the console turned out to be trivially simple,” said Krzysztof Dembicki from MCK Płońsk (left of picture). “After a short training session I was able to operate the console without any additional help. Everything is logically arranged and I’m sure that none of the sound engineers visiting our centre will have any problem with its operation, and they will also have the chance to listen to just how fantastic it sounds.

“I am very proud of the fact that we purchased such equipment for our centre. It will enable us to put on events and concerts that we could not have handled in the past. I would like to thank the whole team at Tommex and especially Piotr Wosiek, for all the help and technical support we have received.”

Responding for Tommex, Piotr Wosiek (right of picture) stated: ”In our business we are focusing principally on people and companies who do not compromise on sound quality and are not afraid of new technologies. Such people we met in MCK.”

CADAC director of sales and marketing Richard ‘Fez’ Ferriday commented: “We have been amazed and extremely pleased with reaction to the CDC six. Absolutely everyone we have shown the console to – including at the recent AES and WFX shows in the US – has been genuinely surprised at how incredibly easy the console is to use, and at a performance capability and feature set that represents a uniquely competitive package. Couple this with CADAC’s legendary audio quality, astoundingly low system latency and standard Waves integration, and we are gearing ourselves up for what looks to be a very busy 2016.”

The CDC six is based around a further development of CADAC’s advanced, highly acclaimed gesture-operation user interface, and with the same audio performance and low latency as the CDC eight, the CDC six is said to represent a major ergonomic advance in user operation.

Traditional fixed physical controls have been replaced by an intuitive ‘high-agility’ user interface, accessed via a 16:9 23.5in optically bonded touch screen, resulting in a fast, logical workflow without the compromises dictated by hardware-centric designs. The layout of the screen, encoders and OLEDs naturally leads to an instinctive use of ‘touch and swipe’, where the faders follow the swipe of the screen, ensuring full control at all time of any combination of inputs, outputs or VCAs displayed on the screen. This unique interface makes the CDC six an extremely intuitive console for any level of user to setup and use.

CDC six also comes preconfigured with an integrated 64 x 64 Waves card for direct multitrack recording to a laptop and connection to any Waves MultiRack SoundGrid server. This allows up to 64 channels of Waves studio-grade plug-ins to simultaneously run alongside CDC six’s own native effects options, with the Waves GUI displayed on the console’s touchscreen for control.

MegaCOMMS is CADAC’s proprietary high definition audio network designed especially for live performance applications. With an industry leading sub 400μs system latency (from on-stage inputs to outputs – including all console processing and all AD/DA conversions), MegaCOMMS’ micro second latency performance compares with the millisecond specifications of competing digital consoles and audio networks. The unique latency is married with absolute phase coherence, the result of complete sample synchronization before summing, to provide exemplary audio performance in a digital audio network, capable of transmitting up to 3072 channels of bi-directional 24-bit/96kHz audio, control data and clock, on up to 150m of RG6 cable.