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Cabling and connectors: six options for professional environments

Manufacturers are offering more variety to suit different installations with the emphasis on flexibility and resilience.

Vision focuses on modular flexibility

The Techconnect 3 is the updated AV faceplate and cable system from Vision Audio Visual. The range consists of modular parts, which are sold individually or in ‘Techconnect Lite’ packages.

There are over 35 modules for various applications, and packages include a VGA and mini jack module, three-phono module, USB module and three blank modules. The cables vary in length from 5m to 20m and the cable packages include a VGA cable, single-phono cable, double-phono cable and a mini jack cable.

Techconnect modules clip into ‘surrounds’; these attach to surface-mount back boxes, flush-mount mud rings or European dado rails. Aesthetically, the range features a new matt white look and the surround has a cleaner surface with no screw holes.

As a modular solution it allows for parts to be replaced easily and the materials used make for a strong and flexible product with the plastic reducing RF interference between modules. The self-aligning modules feature fully revised clips, which can be unclipped from the front. Also the modules have been shortened by 10% to reduce flexing in the plastic section.

There are control and audio amplifier modules included, making it more than a passive connectivity solution, as well as signal management products such as the USB, VGA and HDMI-over-Cat5 products, which integrate seamlessly into the faceplate. The Techconnect also allows installers to customise faceplates for each room, but without the cost associated with made-to-order faceplates.

The cables are pre-terminated with male phoenix connectors, so they plug in straight away and can be removed to shorten or pull cables but also offer installers the option to terminate the phoenix connectors to their own cable. Additionally, the system’s modular nature means if the user changes projectors and subsequently needs an HDMI module that part can be ordered separately, helping to future-proof the solution.

VDC Trading provides low smoke options in white

On the back of customer demand, VDC Trading has introduced the Van Damme White Line range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) install cables.

The range consists of an AES/EBU audio 1 pair and twin-axial speaker cables in 1.5mm and 2.5mm. Designed in conjunction with existing Van Damme Ecoflex install cables that are ABS design accredited, the White Line range is suited to every install need and targets usage in new-build projects and public buildings.

The Van Damme White Line Ecoflex is an LSZH jacketed audio 1 pair specifically for installation use. The use of LSZH cables is a essential in public buildings and new-build construction projects. The cable is based electrically and mechanically on the Van Damme Green Series range, which has low capacitance and stable impedance characteristics to ensure signals remain error and jitter free over long distances. This also means this option will carry AES/EBU and/or analogue balanced audio as well as paired data signals such as RS485, RS422 and DMX512.

The second option is the Van Damme Ecoflex White Line Install Grade Speaker Cable LSZH. It is an insulated and jacketed range designed for installation in public buildings and other areas where LSZH materials are specified such as new-build housing and marine installations.

The ultra pure oxygen-free copper stranding gives outstanding sonic integrity and the cable is fully tested and compliant with all IEC standards covering the fire-retardant capability of single/bunched cables, gas emissions and measurement of smoke density.

CIE-Group’s ‘snap-in’ connectivity

Conec2 is a new collection of ‘snap-in’ AV faceplate modules from CIE-Group’s Clever Little Box range, which provide flexibility for AV, data and communications connectivity. They are said to be easy to install – simply snapping into place – and come in standard UK faceplate sizes.

This new modular faceplate range provides a variety of professional, high-quality faceplate fittings and AV/data/communications modules. The options allow the installer or end user to specify and design their own flexible faceplates to meet the needs of each individual installation.

The snap-in faceplate modules are available in an array of AV connection options including HDMI, USB, VGA, BNC, jack, Cat5e, RJ and mains power. Additionally they are available in both 50mm and 45mm versions. The 50mm modules can be used with the white plastic faceplates whereas the 45mm modules are used with grey aluminium faceplates and an exclusive range of AV desk riser pods.

Procab targets longevity

There has been huge growth in the demand for cables that give special consideration to smoke and halogen emissions and fire-retardant properties. This was the thrust behind Procab’s Contractor Series, a new range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) and fire-retardant installation cables.

The series offers cables compliant to IEC 60032 standards and includes a wide variety of specifications offering solutions for audio, video or data interconnection. Examples include loudspeaker cables in different sections from 18 AWG to 11 AWG, microphone cables with different specifications in terms of gauge and shielding, high-definition HDMI video cables, RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables, and a variety of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 networking cables in different configurations.

The conductors are protected by a solid and smooth non-halogen flame retardant (NHFR) outer jacket with the conductors themselves composed of tinned copper oxygen-free strands (if applicable to cable specification), which offer anti-corrosive properties and longevity.

Sommer Cable’s hybrid solution

Sommer Cable has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a new flexible hybrid cable for HD picture, power supply and LAN. It’s a high-performance cable suited to use in conference and building technology for the installation market as well as in OB vans and for mobile broadcasting at large events.

The Transit MC 1031 HD allows simultaneous 10Gb network, power and HD-SDI-compliant video transmission. It is compact, easy to reel and well shielded while also being flexible, despite its three inner conductors. The hybrid cable has a number of possible applications and is designed to withstand the daily strains in professional environments.

The cable provides transmission for distances beyond 100m due to low damping values and it can endure heavy-duty usage in extreme heat or severe frost because of its flame-retardant PVC jacket.

Klotz AIS offers long-distance transmission

The Klotz SMPTE 311M Hybrid Camera Cable is a durable composite cable that complies with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 311M standard.

It was designed for use with professional HD cameras and features two bend-resistant single-mode optical fibre cables, built in compliance with ITU-T G.657A, which conduct the HD signal across distances of up to 4,000m. It can also be used in Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) applications.

The cable has four integrated power lines and two control signal conductors plus fillers and a central insulated steel core to ensure the maximum tensile strength.

It comes in a variety of jackets depending on intended use. A flexible, temperature-resistant PUR jacket is for outdoor mobile applications, while FRNC material is used for fixed installations.

It is available both as a bulk cable and in premade models such as a cable with LEMO-SMPTE connectors.