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Cabling and connectors: nine of the best

Manufacturers ensure signal transmission across a number of applications with solutions that, in addition to durability, also offer versatility and custom options.

Vision offers greater range with support services

The DisplayPort to HDMI cable from Vision offers the ability to convert DisplayPort (DP) to run over a 10m or 15m HDMI cable. This is particularly useful for displays and projectors, as most of these do not include DP inputs and DP-to-DP cables aren’t long enough for the typical installed projector cable run.

Vision emphasises support for the customer with an onsite three-year warranty, which means a reseller or end user can raise a request on the Vision website for a replacement to be sent out. If the cable is installed and the customer is unable to replace it, an engineer will be sent to do this.

Sommer Cable combines water safety and durability

The Aqua Marinex Mikro 25 from Sommer Cable is able to withstand huge water pressure from permanent underwater usage. Internally, the wires have been stabilised and fitted with two tight mesh screens insulated against each other. The cable can be used for standard PA applications, and although it is slightly less flexible than conventional PVC cable, it is more durable.

This AES/EBU cable ensures audio transmission as well as triggering visual effects. The Aqua Marinex has a sea- and freshwater resistant outer jacket and water-absorbing, pressure-compensating protective banding for reliable underwater performance in a variety of environments. There is also added protection from the two tight CU mesh screens.

A particular advantage of the Marinex is it offers maximum technical safety under tough operating conditions. It also has durability and functional endurance when exposed to moisture or dirt as well as temperature fluctuations, and its second isolated screen provides added protection.

Procab aids installation with LSHF cables

The new range of low smoke and halogen free cables from Procab includes audio, video and data cables, which all have a Flamoflex outer jacket compliant to the IEC 60332-1 fire and flammability standard for public installations. The Flamoflex material also meets the IEC60754-2 Low Smoke Halogen Free standard, and the ASTM E 662 standard for smoke density. In addition to meeting these standards, the material provides the cables with a smooth and durable outer jacket aiding installation and pulling.

Atlas Sound’s passive summing cable

Atlas Sound has come up with an ingenious solution to a common problem in amplifier installation. Made especially for its AA amplifiers, the AA-YSUM passive summing cable allows two mono sound signals to be derived from one stereo output on a three-position Phoenix/Euroblock connector.

The 1m cable is can sum the stereo sound signals from adjacent units in a rack through its internal three resistor network. This simple device enables AV installers to use all of the stereo inputs on an amplifier and send them to any other device in a true additive mono mix.

Aurora Multimedia promotes versatility

Among the cables and adapters offered by Aurora Multimedia are a number that make the company’s own products more versatile and easy to use. For users of the DIDO Pro quad image scaler, DIDO Jr. and DIDO LT, the CA0022-1 adapter cable allows breakout of the DVI connector to DVI-D and RCA.

The CA0020-1 adapter cable can also be used with those systems to break out the DVI connector to DVI-D and VGA, while the more generic CA0054-1 allows a VGA signal to breakout to YPbPr and composite video on colour-coded female RCAs.

Data stream consolidation from Gefen

Gefen supplies a wide variety of adapters for HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort, including the HDMI to DVI Adapter; HDMI Mate Adapter with Mono-LOK; Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter; and Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort. Gefen’s HDMI Mono-LOC cables provide a secure, fixed way of connecting source to display. They support HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), which consolidates video, audio, and data streams into a single HDMI connection. They also incorporate a dedicated data channel into the HDMI link.

Kramer provides flexibility over long distances

Kramer Electronics has a long-distance HDMI cable that needs no extenders or extra power supplies. It is the CP-AOCH plug-and-play HDMI active optical cable (AOC) and it supports 4K/ultra HD resolutions over long cable runs, up to 97m. Consisting of four optical fibres and six copper wires, the thin, flexible (6mm bend radius) cable is easy to run and operates on HDMI bus power. The AOCH is plenum rated with pull strength of 50kg. It is available in lengths from 10m to 100m.

Neutrik cable optimised for channel routing

The new etherCON Cat6A line from Neutrik includes a cable carrier complete with a Cat6A RJ45 connector, feed-through D-size chassis connectors, and IDC-termination D-size connectors. The chassis connectors are available in three finishes: nickel, black, and a weatherised version for an IP65-rated connection when mated to the cable carrier. The etherCON Cat6A is fully downward-compatible with Neutrik’s etherCON Cat5.

The etherCON Cat6A is PoE+ compliant to 802.3at Type2. Its opticalCON QUAD cable is based on the proven opticalCON DUO connection system but with four channels it is optimised for point-to-point interconnections and multi-channel routing applications. The new 10-pin data and power XLR connector is for transmitting data over four twisted pairs at Cat5e performance plus up to 16A of power at 50V using two dedicated power pins. The cable connectors for the new 10-pin XLR line are based on Neutrik’s latest-generation XX series.

Crestron brings customisation with compact connector

The FT-600 FlipTop Basic from Crestron is a compact and configurable connector pocket with a black anodised or brushed aluminium finish. It mounts in any flat, horizontal surface up to 4.5cm thick and opens with a finger touch.

The FT-600 can be fitted with up to six Crestron CBLR2 Cable Retractors. Alternatively, it can have up to four FTA-CP Connector Plates and up to four 120V (NEMA 5) outlets, or up to two international AC outlets. The combination is completely customisable.