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The latest issue of AV Technology magazine has gone to press and will be arriving on doorsteps and email boxes this week – and we can’t wait for you to see it!

We’ve another packed issue for you manufacturer, with 76-pages dedicated to providing you, our wonderful readers, with a plethora of insightful, educational, informative and entertaining content that’s relevant to you and your business.

We really do have a mixed bag in store, with AVTE travelling across Europe to bring you exclusive interviews and features from some of the most innovative brands on the planet – each reiterating what a exciting and at times truly fascinating industry we’re all a part of.

In fact, speaking as an ageing B2B hack, over the past two months I’ve had some of the most exciting experiences of my career.

So what’s in store?

AVTE travelled to Lille to get a first look at The Open Reality Experience (TORE) – a new take on the VR 3D CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) created by Antycip.

It’s a fair bet that many (if not all) of you reading these scribbles will have at some point experienced a form of virtual reality (VR) during your work and/or personal life. But to borrow the title of a 1974 musical classic… you ain’t seen nothing yet!

No headsets, no flat angled walls, no eye strain and no sense of space. Imagine being consumed into a computer game or animation (think Tron or Mary Poppins) and being able to walk around in what appears to be a wide open space. That’s TORE. 

Shaped like a half sphere capable of touring 20-people and powered by 20 Christie projectors (using some bespoke software), TORE is a world first in design. At a cost of more than €2.5 million and part of total investment of €17 million – the business opportunities are enormous. We spoke to its creators at length and tested it for ourselves. Not to be missed!

A sensory feast 

Meanwhile, 600 miles away across the Swiss Alps in Milan, AVTE joined Panasonic for the annual Milan Design Week event, where the manufacturer – celebrating 100 years – where it stole the show with its spectacular ‘Air Inventions’ sensory experience, combining AV with, amongst other things, air conditioning. Yep, air conditioning. 

Sticking with projection, we also met up with London restaurant chain Inamo, to find out how it has transformed the dining experience by using interactive projectors, which allow you to take complete control of the way you order (and how often). You’ll be booking a table before you reach the end. 

Special report

We’ve also produced two very different, but highly relevant industry specials for our In-Focus reports.

The first – with the summer weather now upon us – we speak to the experts about what it takes and what’s required to put on the perfect outdoor live event, whatever the weather, plus our usual top-tips. It also features a fascinating interview discussing how drones can and are increasingly being used to create an experience truly worthy of the words ‘wow’ and ‘factor’. 


Our second, special sees us take an in-depth look at the subject of gender diversity in the AV industry. 

The subject is one that prompts an interesting and often contentious discussion. Some show great passion and desire for change, whilst some immediately scoff at the very subject, all but dismissing its importance. Some just prefer to steer clear all together.

Over this 11-page special, we spoke to numerous people (both male and female) working in the industry; including those from WAVE, ISE, AVIXA and leading manufacturers and tech organisations for their views. We explore where the problem originates, how things have progressed, obstacles in the way and what else needs to be done. There are some shocking revelations. 

Best of the rest

In addition to those, we also caught up with the LTSMG’s chairman Jonathan Owen about his plans to help AV professionals working in the educational sector continue to better themselves whilst sharing best practice with their fellow professionals.

We also picked the brain of David Neal, Teaching Space Technology Coordinator at Lancaster University for our Meet Your AV Manager, and Nene Valley, for our regular Meet Your Integrator piece.

All the latest tech, industry insights, recruitment news and much more.

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Preparations for the next issue are already underway – if you would like to be involved in any of our sections, let our editor Michael Garwood know today: [email protected]