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Bose multi-zone sound system in Kings Cross bar install

The Lighterman bar/restaurant in London’s Kings Cross, has been equipped with a discreet Bose FreeSpace 3 cube speaker sound system with ControlSpace Remote app to upgrade the hospitality experience and provide extra control for managers.

Bose Professional partner Tateside installed the system over three floors allowing managers on each of the floors control of the source music and volume through the app.

There are four iPads, each loaded with the Bose ControlSpace Remote app, which is designed to give wireless control across multiple devices to end users wherever networked Bose system electronics are installed.

At The Lighterman, a Bose ControlSpace ESP-1240 processor delivers audio via ESPLink to two Bose PowerMatch amplifiers to provide 12-zone audio via Bose FreeSpace 3 cubes and subs on each floor. All zones can be controlled using the iPad app, which enables managers to adjust volume levels, select music source, set tone EQ and recall parameter sets, and there is also a fixed CC-16 wall mounted zone controller on each floor.

“As part of the overall hospitality experience, music is an integral part of the customer’s enjoyment. It is fundamental that the sound is crisp and clean, and that it is easy to use from an operational perspective,” said Barry Hirst, director, The Lighterman.

“As part of the planning for The Lighterman bar and restaurant project in Kings Cross, we discussed options for audio with Tateside. They recommended that we go ahead with a Bose ControlSpace setup and utilise the functions on the iPad app for everyday control. This app has revolutionised how the music setup works for us. It allows us to control the overall ambience and customer experience with ease and on the fly, quickly adjusting the setup according to the vibe in the venue,” explained Tim King, group ICT manager, Open House London.

Trevor Donarski, CS product manager for Bose Professional added: “Audio systems can be complex but the end-user control should not be. ControlSpace Remote is a good control solution for integrators and offers an easy-to-use end-user experience.”

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